Aluka Extrusion Industries is an organization engaged in the making of Aluminium extrusions in India.


aluka extrusion industries


At Aluka, we realize that every project is different. To create custom products that better meet your requirements, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art extrusion press, billet heating, quenching and handling equipment along with enhancing our engineering capabilities. We can produce custom aluminium extrusions with complex multi-void hollow shapes, tight tolerances extruded to your specifications.


Aluka has an annual capacity of 4,500 metric tons under one roof with a hydraulic extrusion press of 1450 metric tons which is controlled by Microprocessor-based technology and programmable logic control (PLC) system.

We have a fully integrated plant with a Billet casting facility and our in-house foundry furnace.

  • An imported 1600 UST four column hydraulically operated, microprocessor controlled extrusion press that has the flexibility to extrude 6 and 7-inch diameter billets
  • An imported high-energy efficient log heater with hot log shear that ensures uniform temperature during extrusion
  • A fully automatic Pullar and handling system that ensures the extruded profiles are straight and scratch free
  • Superior quality aluminium extrusion handling and belt conveyor that keeps the soft metal scratch free and shiny
  • An imported microprocessor controlled Ageing furnace that ensures uniform temperature and flow of air to the extruded profiles during heat treatment
  • An in-house alloying and melting furnaces backed up by an imported Hot Top-Casting machine for the casting of billets

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.

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